Roobet Casino Enters the Metaverse

In a landmark move, Roobet Casino, recognized for its forward-thinking approach to online gaming, is taking a giant leap into the Metaverse. This shift reflects a transformative moment for digital entertainment as we know it.

By integrating immersive virtual environments with the power of web3 and blockchain technology, Roobet is demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for the next generation of players.

Roobet’s entry into the Metaverse reinforces its status as a leader in the evolution of entertainment. Embracing the potential of decentralization and web3 advancements, Roobet offers a distinctive, engaging platform where players can connect, create, and enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Roobet’s co-founder Matt Duea shared, “Our goal is to challenge perceptions of what online casinos can do. We’re ushering in a new era full of possibilities, utilizing the benefits of decentralization for both players and creators. We’ve crafted a safe, enjoyable space which provides players with the opportunity to define their own experience.

Roobet’s Metaverse project launched on June 2 and can be accessed by visiting Hosted in Decentraland, a virtual world underpinned by blockchain, Roobet provides a unique and compelling gaming environment for players.

Players will have a whole world at their fingertips – participating in events, interacting with other gamers, and enjoying their favorite Roobet games, including the viral hit Crash. This game recently inspired Roobet’s Chief Ganjaroo Snoop Dogg to create his unique game named Hot Box on

To commemorate the launch, Roobet has curated activities to encourage players to explore the Metaverse, including a scavenger hunt with cash prizes and opportunities to earn Roo tokens. These tokens unlock limited edition commemorative NFT wearables, and a weekend competition will test players’ courage as they play an immersive interpretation of their hit game Crash.

Roobet remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its community, implementing top-tier moderation and security measures. It continues to foster an environment conducive to fun, respectful interactions while upholding player and creator freedoms.

Roobet’s venture into the Metaverse represents a bold step towards the future of gaming and community engagement. By embracing cutting-edge technology and promoting inclusivity, Roobet is well on its way to redefine the gaming landscape.

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Last updated: 05 Jul 23
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