Win Big with Roobet Cup – Bets, Raffle Tickets and More!

With one of the world’s most popular competitive First-person Shooter (FPS) games getting a sequel and the Roobet Cup just around the corner, it really is an excellent time for esports betting.

After the successful debut of last year’s Roobet Cup, the fans, ourselves included, were left wanting more. Luckily, for all of us, the roo’s of Roobet are passionate gamers themselves, and the next tournament is almost at hand. This time, we’ll get to see the pros showing off their skill in a newly released and highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2.

CS2 is the most extensive technical leap in the history of the game, adds new depth to the competitive experience, and improves upon the existing ones. Boasting achievements like sub-tick responses, dynamic smoke, high-definition visuals, and accurate audio, this upcoming tournament is shaping up to be better than ever!

We hope you’re ready, as on October 25th, some of the world’s top-placed teams are about to give it their all. Join them as they rush, smoke, and shoot their way to the prize pool of $250,000!

This competition format is in the form of groups and playoffs. In the group stage, there are four groups that will undergo a double elimination format. Two of the top ones will head to the group stage, where a single elimination bracket awaits them. Each of the games is a best-of-three series match.

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Show Off Your Style with the Roobet Cup Raffle

Counter-Strike is, and always has been, a game of wits, quick reflexes, and pixel-perfect shots. However, since its transition to Global Offensive back in 2012, another aspect has been added to this already layered game – style.

Of course, we’re talking about the in-game skins, and those of you actively playing the game are undoubtedly in possession of at least a couple of them. In addition to the betting and winning opportunities, the Roobet Cup Raffle offers you a unique chance to expand your digital wardrobe.

Betting $10 or more on the Roobet Cup earns you a ticket, putting you in a draw for a prize of $5,000 in CS2 skins! The more tickets you get, the higher your chances of being one of the lucky five winners will be. In addition to the digital goods, you’ll also get $1,000 on the Roobet Style store to add some official Roobet Cup Merch to your collection.

Roobet Cup Raffle:

Win one ticket for every bet of $10 or more

Be one of the five lucky winners

Spit the prize of $25,000 worth of skins for CS2

Get official Roobet Cup merch worth $1,000

Get a Safety Net – Insure Your Bet

In addition to the raffle, bets placed on the Roobet Cup will also enjoy the benefit of First Map Insurance. This means that all of your bets are getting a safety net in case things don’t go exactly the way you planned.

To get Roobet Cup First Map Insurance, your bets must meet specific criteria.

You must place a bet on the winner’s market with a wager of $10 or more. It needs to be a single bet made before the start of the game, with odds of 1.70 or higher.

If these conditions are met and the team you’re betting on wins on the first map of the draft, your bet is insured.

This means that even if they lose the game afterward, you’ll have up to $100 of your wager returned to your balance as a free bet!

Roobet Cup First Map Insurance:

Bet on the winner market of the Roobet Cup

Up to $100 will be returned to you if they lose the match

Your pick must win the first map

Pre-match, single bets of $10+ with 1.70+ odds

What Markets Do You Bet On?

The Roobet CSGO tournament will have several betting options and markets. Just do your research and make an informed bet. Here are some of the popular markets that you should check when the tournament gets rolling.

  • Winner of each CSGO match
  • The winner of any single CSGO map
  • Handicap bets on the match winner
  • Correct scores for each match
  • Bet on the number of maps that each team will win
  • Rounds won on the map
  • Bet on overtime and drawn games
  • Under/over betting
  • The final Roobet Cup winner market

You will find many more markets in each game. However, the number varies from one game to another. This sportsbook also has a casino platform. You can check the games out as you wait for the outcome of each match. We also have no deposit bonus codes for casinos if you love casino gaming.

Aren’t You Excited For The Roobet Cup Yet?

If you haven’t got a chance, now would be the perfect time to hop on over and see what Roobet has to offer. The excitement about the upcoming tournament and all the hype around the release of CS2, with the addition of the Roobet Cup Raffle and the First Map Insurance, make it seem like an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

When you are done betting for the CSGO Cup, be sure to check out the best slots on Roobet and have fun as you make cash. The platform accepts players from most countries around the world. If you are in US and not sure how you can access the platform, read how to play Roobet in US and proceed to create an account.

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