Stake HiLo Strategy – How To Win

Stake Hi-Lo

HiLo is deceptional. At first sight, it seems like it doesn’t provide you with many gameplay options. But with practice, you find new ways to play. This article will expose these “ways,” translating them into detailed HiLo Stake strategies. Let’s start!

Base HiLo Strategies at Stake

Stake Hi-Lo tactics are about minimizing risks. To do it at Hi-Lo, use a “Skip Card” button. Based on our experience, you can spam it while your budget allows it until you get an exceptionally high (closer to King) or low (closer to Ace) card.

Advanced HiLo Strategies

An advanced Stake Hi-Lo strategy amplifies the above mentioned approach. It suggests skipping cards until you get a King or an Ace. Thus, your next bet is a guaranteed win.

However, just like the best Dice strategy Stake, this approach has a major drawback. It won’t bring a jackpot. The multiplier for the “Lower” bet when you have a King and for the “Higher” when you have an Ace is 1.07x.

To fix this, play big. For instance, if your bet is $100, 1.07x will already give you $7. Cash-out after you win a bet and repeat.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Hi-Lo pros control the game with a keyboard. To turn it on, click the “Game Settings” in the bottom left and toggle “Hotkeys.” Now, winning becomes as convenient as it can be.

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Last updated: 15 May 24
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