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Nearly every online casino has one or various bonuses to attract and encourage clients to play on their platform. However, the bonuses are not free. There are various requirements that you must meet before withdrawing the cash. An online bonus calculator is a great way to check various bonuses and their profitability. This guide will provide an overview of how to utilize a calculator and the contexts in which it is effective.

What is a Wagering Calculator?

This online tool helps calculate various online bonuses for profitability and estimated risk to help decide which bonus is good for you. As explained earlier, most casinos have a bonus. However, not all of them are good for you. Unfortunately, not all bonuses are good. Some have very high wagering requirements, while others have low bonuses. You may be overwhelmed when deciding what bonus to pick. However, you can quickly analyze each bet that you come across to determine if it is worth your time and money. This is where the calculator comes in.

The features of the calculator include the type of bonus you would like to play, currency, free money amount, bonus limits, wagering type, estimated winnings, and game contribution. In essence, it looks at all the terms and conditions to determine if the bonus is a great fit. Many gamblers do not know how much they will wager and the bonus. A tool like this is of great help to prevent them from risking their cash blindly and losing some substantial amounts as a result.

There are different types of bonuses that you can find at the casino. Some calculators pick one or two, such as the no deposit bonus and the deposit-based one, while others give players a choice of various offers to aid them in making an informed choice. Whichever bonus you pick, be sure to check with the calculator.

How it Works

Like conventional calculators, these calculators depend on the figures you feed into the system. You indicate the type of bonus you would like to wager on. In most cases, most people check the expected betting amounts for deposit-based bonuses. Unlike no deposit casino bonus, they will be required to risk their cash.

The calculator will then require you to pick the currency you will be using and the amount you would like to deposit. You will also check the bonus limit and the wagering percentage. You will then check the terms to determine if you will be wagering on the deposit alone or with the bonus.

Finally, you will determine if the games you would like to wager on with the deposit contribute what percentage to the wagering requirement. In the end, the calculator will show you the amount that you have been offered as a deposit, the amount of cash you have to play with, and the actual amount you will be betting with.

If you are working with a crypto casino bonus, you will pick any currency for your calculations. However, you may find a few platforms offering a crypto option for your calculation.

How to Calculate the Bonus with the Calculator

In this section, we shall use an example to help you determine the amount of bonus and the amount to wager. Suppose you found a bonus with no minimum deposit but gave players a 100% bonus up to $100. The bonus limit is $1,000, and the wagering percentage is 10%. Besides, you have to wager both the deposit and the bonus.

Begin by selecting your preferred currency and entering 100 in the deposit amount to calculate the wagering balance and free money. Put 100 into the bonus percentage and 1,000 into the bonus limit section. In addition, the wagering percentage should be 10%, and you would have to select the bonus and deposit option. The casino will award a total bonus of $100, and the total amount of money you will play with is $200. Your wagering amount is $2,000 in the above example.

To make accurate calculations, ensure that you read the bonus terms clearly and recheck the figures after you have done your calculation. The ideal bonus is the one that offers a considerable free amount and has a low amount that needs to be wagered. On the other hand, the wagering amount is the total amount that needs to be wagered for all bonus requirements to be met.

There are several online casino bonus calculators on the internet. You may try calculating bonuses with a few of them before picking one or two that best serves your needs. Finally, before you bet with any bonus, be sure to check if it offers any benefits by using a calculator.


+ Can you use the casino bonus calculator on any bonus?

Yes. As long as you have an offer from your casino, it is eligible for calculation with the bonus calculator. This may be a bonus for new players, reload offers, seasonal offers, or other cash-based offers. You will get a clear picture of the amount you will be getting from the casino and the amount to play with.

+ Where do you read the wagering requirements?

These requirements are contained on the promotions page of your casino. On clicking the bonus, you will find a link detailing the terms and conditions. Fill in the figures on your calculator as contained on the promotions page. Be sure to follow these requirements when you decide to pick the bonus.

+ Are there bonuses with no wagering requirements?

Yes. Some bonus offers do not come with a wagering requirement. With the no wagering bonus, you do not need to check anything with the calculator as you will use it like your cash balance. Unfortunately, there are few such offers on the internet. Most offers are deposit-based bonuses.
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