Roobet Plinko Game Review

Among all the best games on Roobet, Plinko is unique. It is very simplistic but with many gameplay-defining options. Moreover, the game is very profitable and pays out x1000 multipliers.

This guide will teach you about the Plinko Roobet: how to start playing, the rules, etc. While closer to the end, we’ll share with you a few playing strategies, so you can earn more cash. Let’s start!

Introduction To Plinko Roobet

There are not many sites like Roobet Casino. It is a reputable platform that accepts tens of crypto coins and has unique, top-tier games. Plinko is one of them. During our observations, the game impressed us with its chilling gameplay with incredible payout potential.

To play, you must adjust a few settings and drop the ball. The rest is determined by chance. We’ll expand on how to get free money on Roobet by playing Plinko further.

How To Register an Account At Roobet

Before you can play and win real cash at Roobet Plinko, you must first register. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on that:

  1. Enter the Roobet site;
  2. Click the yellow “Register” button at the upper right;
  3. Come up with a login and password; indicate your email;
  4. Confirm that you are over 18;
  5. Read and accept “Terms and Conditions,” “Privacy Policy”, and “Responsible Gambling Policy.”

Players from Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia can access and create accounts at Roobet. If yours is not on the list, use VPN. Don’t have one? Then search “What VPN to use for Roobet?”

How To Play Plinko Game Roobet?

Now it’s time to launch Plinko. First, locate it by using a “Search” tool. You’ll find it in the upper right screen section.

When the game is on, your initial step is setting your bet amount. You can do this and other adjustments to the right from the playing field. There, you can also select a game mode: low, medium, high, and lightning. And finally, adjust the number of paylines.

Once done, press start to the ball. On its way down, the ball will stumble across pegs which offset him. When the ball reaches the bottom, it lands on one of the lines. It determines your win.

If the multiplier is above x1, you’ve won some cash. You can track your Plinko bet history at the bottom of the playing screen.

Rules And Strategies

We’ve already touched on a few available Plinko game adjustments. But there are a few more things rules accept. For instance, you may drop many balls at once by pressing “Start” repeatedly. You can also tweak a “Fast Mode” knob if you don’t want to wait till the ball lands. Instead, you will receive payouts instantly. And if you want the balls to be dropped without your touch, select and adjust the “Automated” mode.

You can enhance your gameplay with Roobet no deposit promo codes or probability strategies like Martingale’s. But keep in mind that Plinko Roobet is a game of chance. It’s the main win-defining factor.

How Does Roobet Plinko Work?

Each Plinko round follows a simple pattern. The ball drops. It meets pegs on the way down. They offset the ball, and it lands on one multiplier line. The further this line from the middle, the lesser its chance to meet the ball. However, such lines have bigger multipliers. Your win is counted by multiplying your stake on the line number.


Are you looking for an easy casino game to brighten your free time? Then you should definitely check Roobet Plinko out! The game’s straightforward rules, adjustable features, and high multipliers make it perfect for many gamblers.

Visit Roobet now, register, and jump into the Plinko. And don’t forget to grab a few bonuses on your way! They’ll give you some free cash for playing.

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